Let’s put the unpopular beforehand:

We do not offer you all brand / all model / all issue solutions. We don’t want to make you believe we are able to solve any of your electronic problem. We do not offer repairs for PA systems, Keyboards or any drum equipment. We do not offer Hifi service as well. Furthermore we are not able to get any spare part and we neither are a vendor for them.[/one_half_dropcaps]

If you have ever searched for a specific part, you know why. This is a job with a name, not an add on. For these purposes please check out tubeampdoctor.com, tube-town.net, and many others. Last but not least we are not a volunteer consultant for the above mentioned equipment. Yes, we love it, but a wide known truth is that there’s more then a mere of air and love, which keeps us and our families alive.[/one_half_alt_last_dropcaps]

Who read until here probably has the will to read on, so here is what we offer:

  • Research and development
  • electronic design revisions
  • Repairs
  • Modifications (standard and custom)

Probably the public wouldn’t be interested in R&D work, nor will a company order a high gain tuning on a single amplifier. So let’s break down into 2 categories, the business and the public:

Public people are welcome for:

  • Warranty repairs of some selected brands, these include Friedman Amplification, 65 Amps, Bad Cat Amplifiers, Hughes & Kettner, , Custom Audio Amplifiers, Suhr
  • Non warranty repairs of your guitar, bass and recording equipment. Let’s not list them all, if you own any exotic (no, not Xotic) stuff it would probably be good to call before
  • Standard modifications or tunings for your guitar, bass or recording equipment
  • Custom modifications for your guitar, bass or recording equipment. The details have to be evaluated before. Please prepare to answer many question, as you may know it’s not that easy to describe sound wishes
  • Appointment repairs, call
  • repairs for touring musicians within one day and sometimes even shorter
  • Artist repairs for Ampeg Amplifiers

Companies are welcome for:

  • R&D work from a wish to a prototype or any phase in between,
  • SMD, classic, analogue, digital and mechanical solutions,
  • Electronic design revisions for existing concepts, particular models or series,
  • serial fault analysis, solutions and technical documentations including reworking progress instructions,
  • warranty repairs.


You can decide wether you prefer our standard mods, which we developed over the years and which are based on our experiences or if you want a custom modifictation, which we develop in a direct working progress with you. That way you are involved into the design of your amp’s sound.

We suggest, if you are unsure about that, feel free to ask and trust on our experiences. We know where to put a guitar or a bass sound into a musical conjunction.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

AMPETE Services
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P: +49 221 55 94 118
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