Ampete 8×8 Amp/Cabinet Switching System

The Ampete 88S STUDIO switches and routes up to 8 different amplifiers (one at a time) into 8 (up to two at at a time) different speaker cabinets via front panel control buttons.
Several 88S STUDIO or 88S can be interconnected to build a system with up to 96 amps and cabinets.


  • 8 amplifiers selectable
  • 8 speaker cabinets selectable (up to 2 at once)
  • buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • amplifier and cabinets selection with NO sound degradation, switching noise and latency
  • 100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers, an amplifier can not be selected without having a speaker cabinet selected
  • expandable system for up to 96 amps & cabinets by interconnecting several 88S-STUDIO or 88S units
  • optional remote control 88R
  • optional line out
  • Dimensions: 19’/2 rack units
  • Made in Germany