Our team is a convention of salaried, temporaries, free agents and volunteers. We are not only a partnership of convenience, we are driven by conviction. No need to say, that we are all musicians, that’s the engine. In a way we are like a band, but as the instrumentation would be boring guitarheavy, we decided to find another way to get our creativity into the music world.


peter.arends (at) ampete.com

Not quite a good businessman, Peter or Pete prefers to hang out in the workshop playing weird guitar riffs with a maximum length of 2 bars, change some capacitors and wondering if there has been a difference or not. Yet an unromantic, but Peterlike view.
Pete is the Ampete in the ‘Ampete Engineering’ and perceives stupid electronic things, some may claim to be totally useless. There are not that many amps he does not have had once in his life and probably not less he had not once modded. His love to details and inclination in finding faults sometimes exposes to a real pain in the ass job for himself or some other.

What else should be mentioned: He rolls up the cables.




sebastian.blaschke (at) ampete.com

Sebastian is the Engineering in the ‘Ampete Engineering’. His range is wide like his body tall, it reaches from the most successful musician and guitarist in the Ampete history (listen to ‘days in grief’) to an excellent sound engineer and producer with a lovely recording studio in cologne (check out gotteswegstudioa.de). His background definitely is rock and as if that many talents wouldn’t be enough, Sebastian moreover is a degreed electronic engineer, responsible for beautiful PCB layouts, many digital and even mechanical solutions, thus making him a undefeatable weapon in an audio company.

What else should be mentioned: he orders the lunch.